About the Features of Clash Royale



Supercell, in a bid to keep video game fans entertained has developed yet another sensational game – Clash Royale. This freemium mobile strategy game combines elements from tower defense, collectible card games as well as multi online battle arena to provide an exquisite experience to gamers. Having been released globally on March 2, 216, this video game is already taking the world by storm.


Game Play

Players of this game are ranked by levels and trophies where 13 is the maximum level. To win a battle, a player has to destroy more towers than his opponent or simply destroy his opponent’s King’s Tower’, of which the latter case grants him an automatic ’crown’’ victory. The game starts with each player having a hand’ of 4 cards from a deck’ of 8 cards. These are the very cards used to attack and defend.

In order to play the cards, a player needs to have enough elixir’ and once a card is played, a new one is drawn to the hand from the deck. There are also various arenas to play in and these are determined by the number of trophies one has acquired. Note that trophies are acquired by the number of battles won and deducted as you lose your battles.

Another way for players to increase their level’ is by upgrading’ or donating’ their cards with the result that you gain experience points. The higher you rise in the levels, the higher the hit points and the damage effects of your Arena Towers’ and the King’s Tower’.


Clash Royale Hack also offers players a chance to purchase gold and gems’ in the card shop by use of real-world money. These gems are then used to purchase cards and chests from the shop. The chests’ may also be acquired when a player wins a multiplayer battle and these chests take a certain amount of time to unlock depending on the chest type. Silver Chests take 3 hours to unlock while Gold, Giant, Magical and Epic and Super Magical and Legendary take 8, 12, 12 and 24 hours respectively. However, you may speed up the unlocking time by use of games. The chests also come with different types and numbers of cards which a player may use to up their statistics.

Lastly, aside from battling through 9 arenas with different demand son skill, players may also form clans. Some of the advantages if clans is the ability to donate or request cards amongst themselves, thus gaining a competitive advantage against the opponents.