Clash Royale-Tips, Chests, and More!


Clash Royale is a game by Supercell, a gaming company known for its virtual success, Clash of Clans. It is a strategy game that has various leagues and clans to join. There are various difficulties in the Clash Royale journey, so here are some tips to help you out.

1. Maintain a balanced deck

Maintaining a balanced, evened out deck in Clash Royale Cheats is one of the most key ingredients to rising in status. Try to put in high-level and low-level cards. This prevents the waste of precious elixir by having low elixir cards to play when you’re running out of time and elixir.

2. Try to attack the King Tower after the Crown Towers

Attacking the King Tower with, say, a fireball, first, can ruin the odds of winning a game. This is because once a King Tower is attacked, it will attack along with the Crown Towers. Otherwise, King Towers will remain dormant until provoked. By waiting to attack King Towers, you can reduce the amount of damage done to your cards.

3. Take out skeleton armies before they can surround anything

A skeleton alone is pretty weak, but with fifteen, they can get deadly. Skeleton armies tend to surround their target and destroy it. Use something such as arrows, or anything with a large range, to get rid of skeleton armies before they can cause too much damage.

4. Use the chat system.

Let your opponent know that you’re a good sport. If you lose, use the chat system to send hilarious messages. Say ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Thanks!’.

5. Match troops up together well.

It’s probably to put a skeleton with a bomber. They’re going to be gone fast. Use strong troops with lots of health, like giants, in front of troops with little health, like bombers, to help create a duo that will balance offense and defense.

6. Update your cards’ levels regularly.

Leveling up whenever possible is smart, even if cards aren’t a part of your main deck. After all, you never know when you may need to switch up your deck. Not only will leveling up your cards give you more EXP towards becoming a more senior player, it also means that you’ll have stronger troops that will be more likely to win you battles.

7. Spending Gems on Chests

Clash Royale has various ways tospend gems. You can buy chests, speed up chest unlocks, and more. Buying big chests is smart; you are guaranteed legendaries in buying some specific chests. Buying gold also works, so you can buy a variety of other items. Gems are smart to save as well because, after a while, some deals can give you great items for some gems.

Overall, Clash Royale is an exciting game that many enjoy playing. There are various strategies and planning techniques to use when battling, some of which have been covered in this article. Have fun in your Clash Royale journey!