Tips and Strategies for the World of Clash Royale


Supercell’s Clash Royale Hack deutsch has gained attention everywhere. It’s a great strategy game. Playing it, though, gets tough. These are some tips and ideas to make your experience as awesome as possible.

Keep a Leveled Deck

Don’t just use a large number of high elixir cards in your deck. This is a beginner mistake and can lose battles without having fast going units that’ll help you out before something like a P.E.K.K.A, which will cost you seven elixir and take precious time to use. Furthermore, update your cards often; don’t leave a knight at level five for a month. Upgrade it to level six quickly instead of just waiting and waiting.

Stock Up on Gems

Try not to spend all your gems in one go. Save them up for something more practical that you can’t get without paying money, like a high-quality chest that has legendary cards.

Pick a Good Clan

When choosing your clan, you should search for these attributes:
-Open to New Members
By finding clans with these traits, you’ll guarantee yourself a success clan-wise.

Strategies In Games

In a game, there are some simple but effective strategies you can use. One is using something like a giant in front of something such as a knight or bomber. This allows the lower health unit to attack along with the shield troop while keeping it safe. Try not to just throw a mass attack and place your troops against others to allow some leeway. Use arrows on skeleton armies quickly to protect yourself. Also, try to attack the King’s Tower as late as possible, because otherwise, the King’s Tower will be on alert and will attack if your troops come to the Crown Towers. Otherwise, the King’s Tower will remain unmoving.


Clash Royale-Tips, Chests, and More!


Clash Royale is a game by Supercell, a gaming company known for its virtual success, Clash of Clans. It is a strategy game that has various leagues and clans to join. There are various difficulties in the Clash Royale journey, so here are some tips to help you out.

1. Maintain a balanced deck

Maintaining a balanced, evened out deck in Clash Royale Cheats is one of the most key ingredients to rising in status. Try to put in high-level and low-level cards. This prevents the waste of precious elixir by having low elixir cards to play when you’re running out of time and elixir.

2. Try to attack the King Tower after the Crown Towers

Attacking the King Tower with, say, a fireball, first, can ruin the odds of winning a game. This is because once a King Tower is attacked, it will attack along with the Crown Towers. Otherwise, King Towers will remain dormant until provoked. By waiting to attack King Towers, you can reduce the amount of damage done to your cards.

3. Take out skeleton armies before they can surround anything

A skeleton alone is pretty weak, but with fifteen, they can get deadly. Skeleton armies tend to surround their target and destroy it. Use something such as arrows, or anything with a large range, to get rid of skeleton armies before they can cause too much damage.

4. Use the chat system.

Let your opponent know that you’re a good sport. If you lose, use the chat system to send hilarious messages. Say ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Thanks!’.

5. Match troops up together well.

It’s probably to put a skeleton with a bomber. They’re going to be gone fast. Use strong troops with lots of health, like giants, in front of troops with little health, like bombers, to help create a duo that will balance offense and defense.

6. Update your cards’ levels regularly.

Leveling up whenever possible is smart, even if cards aren’t a part of your main deck. After all, you never know when you may need to switch up your deck. Not only will leveling up your cards give you more EXP towards becoming a more senior player, it also means that you’ll have stronger troops that will be more likely to win you battles.

7. Spending Gems on Chests

Clash Royale has various ways tospend gems. You can buy chests, speed up chest unlocks, and more. Buying big chests is smart; you are guaranteed legendaries in buying some specific chests. Buying gold also works, so you can buy a variety of other items. Gems are smart to save as well because, after a while, some deals can give you great items for some gems.

Overall, Clash Royale is an exciting game that many enjoy playing. There are various strategies and planning techniques to use when battling, some of which have been covered in this article. Have fun in your Clash Royale journey!

Clash Royale Decks, Chests and Cards


Clash Royale is a relatively new game that came out in March 2016 by Supercell. It is a game that can be played with multiplayer and is free. Recently there have been new additions added with the benefit of new cards, challenges, and features. This game can be exciting, fun and rewarding to play.

To play the game it is best to join a clan this gives you the benefit of getting bonuses as you progress through the levels. You can also get cards from other players which will help you to get the free upgrades. Spectating in matches when you first begin will mean you can benefit from seeing how units behave and react during the game and you learn about strategies.

You will need to remember to collect chests as these can provide you with cards, gold, and many rewards. Chests are given out free during the day some contain better prizes than others so you should unlock them all. The object of the game is to try and destroy towers and whoever destroys the most wins the game. You will collect crowns for each one destroyed which gives you the ability to unlock a chest.

To start with you are given eight cards which represent your units. You should work out which will be the most beneficial to you and discard the ones that are no good. Upgrading the one’s that work the best will mean you can advance quicker and have access to more cards. Cards can be worth more than others and they give you an elixir score. It can be beneficial to try and remember what they are worth as this can help you plan a strategy and to help you know what your enemy has which can help when you are in a battle.

You should try and collect fireballs and bombers as these can be useful for defeating the hordes and baby dragon which will try and destroy your towers. When you reach level eight and above you will be able to play in tournaments with an investment of gems. Playing in these will give you the experience of playing with a high-level player and if you win you will be rewarded with a tournament chest which could contain legendaries which are hard to find and be rewarded with up to 15,000 cards a good prize for an avid fan.

Clash Royale Juwelen Hack is one of the best games out there at that the moment that are free to play. It can be a fun and rewarding way to pass some time and if you liked Clash of Clans you will surely like this game too.

Clash Royale – A thrilling Game!


We all want to engage in a game that will leave us thrilled and full of fun. Well, join the world of Clash Royale. The game was invented by the creators of Clash of Clans. Clash Royale has some of the best characters of the clash, and you will enjoy the game to the fullest.The tips you should adopt so as to win in the match include collecting and upgrading the selected cards featuring the Clash of Clan troops, also, choose the spells and defenses you have knowledge of and would love to represent your Royale. The representing Royale may be the Princes, Knights, and Dragons. For you to win in the arena, you should kill the kings and the princesses from their towers. By knocking the Kings and the princesses down, you can defeat your enemies whereby in return you get awarded with trophies, crowns, and praises at the arena.
Some of the best features you will find in the game include;You have the ability to unlock rewards which are done when you earn chests.You can be able to upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale Hack Deutsch Family together with your favorite troops and defenses.You can also create a clan whereby you are allowed to share cards and build your battle community.

Clash Royale Is One Royal Game of Playing Fun!


First of all, for those who don’t know, Clash Royale is a spin-off of the highly popular and successful first game called Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is a new game that has the characters, theme, and styles of Clash of Clans. Why is that? The answer is this. Clash Royale is a whole new genre for Clash of Clans gaming fans. Clash Royale is all about being a game of strategy first and foremost. Secondly, it delivers, when it comes right down to having a single screen approach that is lightning fast from a gaming aspect.

Clash Royale has a unique kind of playing field. The playing field is divided up into two sides. What the object of Clash Royale to players is this. Players must defend their own castle from the opposing player of the other defending castle. Each player does start out in the beginning with having two extra additional towers. These two additional towers are indeed every inch a big help if a player does fail in getting their troops to assist in launching a proper form of defense for their castle and kingdom. The game of Clash Royale is won only when one of the two players is successfully able to totally destroy the castle that belongs to their opposing player. If the time runs out, it is the very same as winning, as if each player does manage to destroy the castle of their enemy. If the time does run out, the player who has managed to destroy the most buildings belonging to opposition forces does win, and that is how Clash Royale Cheats Android is played.

Clash Royale tips include the following. Do make sure to acquire to as many new cards as you possibly can. Why is that? Because these new cards are the means to get and unlock new troops for the battlefield. You can acquire these cards by opening up Clash Royale chests. These treasure chests are earned when each player does win battles at hand or by spending some money in the game’s shop. Whenever you get these spell cards, you are doing lots of things, and these things are making these spell cards available for play. The very same can be said when you get new troops. They are also available for play too. Clash Royal gems and Clash Royale decks each have their own purpose in this adventure game.

About the Features of Clash Royale



Supercell, in a bid to keep video game fans entertained has developed yet another sensational game – Clash Royale. This freemium mobile strategy game combines elements from tower defense, collectible card games as well as multi online battle arena to provide an exquisite experience to gamers. Having been released globally on March 2, 216, this video game is already taking the world by storm.


Game Play

Players of this game are ranked by levels and trophies where 13 is the maximum level. To win a battle, a player has to destroy more towers than his opponent or simply destroy his opponent’s King’s Tower’, of which the latter case grants him an automatic ’crown’’ victory. The game starts with each player having a hand’ of 4 cards from a deck’ of 8 cards. These are the very cards used to attack and defend.

In order to play the cards, a player needs to have enough elixir’ and once a card is played, a new one is drawn to the hand from the deck. There are also various arenas to play in and these are determined by the number of trophies one has acquired. Note that trophies are acquired by the number of battles won and deducted as you lose your battles.

Another way for players to increase their level’ is by upgrading’ or donating’ their cards with the result that you gain experience points. The higher you rise in the levels, the higher the hit points and the damage effects of your Arena Towers’ and the King’s Tower’.


Clash Royale Hack also offers players a chance to purchase gold and gems’ in the card shop by use of real-world money. These gems are then used to purchase cards and chests from the shop. The chests’ may also be acquired when a player wins a multiplayer battle and these chests take a certain amount of time to unlock depending on the chest type. Silver Chests take 3 hours to unlock while Gold, Giant, Magical and Epic and Super Magical and Legendary take 8, 12, 12 and 24 hours respectively. However, you may speed up the unlocking time by use of games. The chests also come with different types and numbers of cards which a player may use to up their statistics.

Lastly, aside from battling through 9 arenas with different demand son skill, players may also form clans. Some of the advantages if clans is the ability to donate or request cards amongst themselves, thus gaining a competitive advantage against the opponents.